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Interview with Jeanette Boudreau, PhD – Assistant Professor at the University...

Dr. Jeanette Boudreau works as an Assistant Professor at the University of Dalhousie in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. We asked her about her job, career, education, and any advice she might have for anyone looking for a similar career.

3 Cures for Thesis Writing Procrastination

Dealing with procrastination can be though, but there are a couple of tricks that may help get you back on track with your thesis, article, abstract, or proposal writing.

The Perks of Being a Research Scientist

While research can be a tough slog, there are actually a lot of upsides of being a research scientist that maybe don't get the attention that they deserve.


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What to look for in a supervisor?

The relationship you develop with your supervisor can be crucial to succeed in your studies. Knowing yourself and considering some factors can help you make the important decision on who to choose as your supervisor.
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Dressing the Part

This blog discusses expectations of gender that have nothing to do with competence but heavily affect the way we think we need to behave or dress.
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Interview with Silvia Rattigan, PhD – Associate Director Clinical Quality Assurance

We spoke with Silvia Rattigan (Torres), PhD, who works as Associate Director of Clinical Quality Assurance at MSD in Dublin, Ireland. We asked her about her job, career, education, and any advice she might have for anyone looking for a similar career
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Career Profile: Academic Freelancing

Freelancing is a great option for academic researchers. There is a great demand for academic skills in many different industries, and academics can freelance as a full-time career or part-time next to their work for a university.

Meet the Team

Sophie Sneddon


I'm a post-doctoral fellow working on some kick-ass cancer immunology stuff in Vancouver. In my spare time I write, play video games and speak Japanese.

Maartje Wouters


After a career in cancer research, I became a medical writer who loves to write about science. I love to travel, take photos, and eat good food.

CĂ©line Laumont


I'm a post-doctoral fellow studying how B cells contribute to anti-tumour immunity. I'm also a writer, a hiker, a bookworm, a baby yogi and a tentative Japanese calligrapher!