Thursday, August 11, 2022

When Biology Knowledge Isn’t Enough: Losing a baby mid-semester as a...

It might be tempting to think that because I understood the biology of what happened that my grief was less. But it was not.

3 Cures for Thesis Writing Procrastination

Dealing with procrastination can be though, but there are a couple of tricks that may help get you back on track with your thesis, article, abstract, or proposal writing.

The Perks of Being a Research Scientist

While research can be a tough slog, there are actually a lot of upsides of being a research scientist that maybe don't get the attention that they deserve.


Letters of Recommendation: Who and How to Ask

Letters of recommendation are pretty much universal in the academic world. We’re asked for them when applying to grad school or looking...

How to Keep Your Life Organized in Grad School

Trying to stay organized can seem daunting, especially when life can be so hectic. There’s no one fix to the giant stack...
Headshot of Bex Nitert

Interview with Bex Nitert – Managing Consultant of Digital Forensics and Incident Response

Bex Nitert works at Paraflare cyber security in the Greater Perth Area, Australia. We asked her about her job, her career path, and her experiences as a woman in the STEM field.
woman in a lab holding a test tube and pipetting solution into it

Five steps to a successful co-op application

One great way to gain practical research experience as an undergrad is through work in a real-world research setting for a couple of months as part of your degree. Landing that ideal position might seem like a challenge, but here we provide five steps for a successful co-op application.

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I'm a post-doctoral fellow working on some kick-ass cancer immunology stuff in Vancouver. In my spare time I write, play video games and speak Japanese.

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After a career in cancer research, I became a medical writer who loves to write about science. I love to travel, take photos, and eat good food.

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I'm a post-doctoral fellow studying how B cells contribute to anti-tumour immunity. I'm also a writer, a hiker, a bookworm, a baby yogi and a tentative Japanese calligrapher!