Career Profile: Group Leader at a Contract Research Organization (CRO)

discussion between two people in front of a whiteboard

Working for a contract research organization (CRO) can be an excellent career for those with biology, chemical, engineering, and other technical backgrounds. A CRO is hired by several industries (such as pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices) to outsource certain research services. For example, this could be a toxicological assessment of a new drug as part of the preclinical work that is performed before the drug can move into clinical trials. As the CRO is a specialized organization, it usually offers various techniques and models as its services. Furthermore, CROs provide their clients with reports that are consistent with requirements from regulatory agencies, such as the FDA, that can then be used in applications to these agencies.

Therefore, many different types of jobs are available at a CRO. Here, we highlight the role of a group leader. In that role, you are responsible for working with clients to find the right experiments and services for what they require, work with a team, divide the work, and conduct studies yourself. The job might entail communication with clients and colleagues, training people, conducting research, and writing reports. If you’d like to learn more, check out our interview with Dr. Anne Doedee, team leader at Charles River Laboratories.