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Chanel Ghesquiere

I’m a master's student studying how engineered probiotics can reduce intestinal inflammation in Crohn’s disease. I completed 16 months of co-op at BC Cancer (Victoria, BC, Canada) during my undergrad. Outside of school, I enjoy rowing, running, baking, and reading.


Lab SOPs: What are they, why you need them, and how to write a...

Working in a lab, especially a research lab, is a little chaotic. Keeping experiments uniform can be a challenge when lab managers...

Letters of Recommendation: Who and How to Ask

Letters of recommendation are pretty much universal in the academic world. We’re asked for them when applying to grad school or looking...

How to Keep Your Life Organized in Grad School

Trying to stay organized can seem daunting, especially when life can be so hectic. There’s no one fix to the giant stack...
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Interview with Bex Nitert – Managing Consultant of Digital Forensics and Incident Response

Bex Nitert works at Paraflare cyber security in the Greater Perth Area, Australia. We asked her about her job, her career path, and her experiences as a woman in the STEM field.