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Five steps to a successful co-op application

One great way to gain practical research experience as an undergrad is through work in a real-world research setting for a couple of months as part of your degree. Landing that ideal position might seem like a challenge, but here we provide five steps for a successful co-op application.

Surviving The Lab: Leaving With Poise

Always try to leave a lab internship or project on good terms. This can go a long way in keeping good relationships.

Surviving The Lab: Day 1

Here we describe some key tips to keep in mind to make it through your first day (or even the first couple of weeks) in the lab.

Getting Into Research 101: A Guide For Aspiring Young Scientists

Interested in scientific research but unsure how to get involved? It doesn’t have to be intimidating! Our blog helps you get started.

Feeling Unproductive as a STEM Student During COVID-19? It’s Okay.

COVID-19 has put almost everything on hold for grad students and other trainees who have wet lab-based projects. Here's our advice for dealing with the unproductive feelings you might be facing right now.


Lab SOPs: What are they, why you need them, and how to write a...

Working in a lab, especially a research lab, is a little chaotic. Keeping experiments uniform can be a challenge when lab managers...

Letters of Recommendation: Who and How to Ask

Letters of recommendation are pretty much universal in the academic world. We’re asked for them when applying to grad school or looking...

How to Keep Your Life Organized in Grad School

Trying to stay organized can seem daunting, especially when life can be so hectic. There’s no one fix to the giant stack...
Headshot of Bex Nitert

Interview with Bex Nitert – Managing Consultant of Digital Forensics and Incident Response

Bex Nitert works at Paraflare cyber security in the Greater Perth Area, Australia. We asked her about her job, her career path, and her experiences as a woman in the STEM field.